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How car batteries recycling works

According to Battery Council International, the first step recycling companies take when they recycle an auto battery is putting it through a hammermill, which effectively breaks the battery into countless small pieces. Those pieces flow into a container, with the heavier materials, including lead, falling to the bottom and the plastic remaining on top. The plastic is removed and the liquids siphoned. The recycler then melts the plastic pieces and extrudes them into pellets which are then sold to manufacturers who use them to make new batteries. The lead pieces are smelted and poured into ingots, which are also sent to manufacturers for use in new batteries. The acid becomes neutralized with the addition of an industrial product that turns it into water; the water is treated before being released into sewer systems. The acid can also be turned into sodium sulfate that can be used in multiple ways, including glass and textile manufacturing, or in the manufacture of new auto batteries. This is considered a closed loop system because it can be repeated over and over again, allowing new products to be made from the old.

Reasons auto battery recycling is a good idea

Auto battery recycling is a great move for the environment, but it’s also smart from a legal sense. Many states have passed legislation that makes it illegal to dispose of car batteries by just throwing them in the trash. And if you need another reason to choose the recycling route for your auto battery disposal, consider this: you’ll get paid for recycling your battery. Many auto parts purchases include what’s known as a core charge. On new parts that contain a component that is recyclable—such as a battery or a starter—a core charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase. When the old part is returned to the store, the core charge is refunded. Even if you’re not purchasing a new battery you can still drop off your old one at most Advance Auto Parts stores where you’ll receive money back in the form of store credit.

Lead Battery Recycling Process

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